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Our agility and ability to partner within an ecosystem of cross-industry players of Top tier engineers are what set us apart as a true agile software development team

Enterprise Mobility

In today’s fast-paced world, every piece of information needs to be at your fingertips, especially in enterprises where time is money. We put your users at the forefront while translating every business app into a mobility solution.

Assessment and Planning

Before beginning the testing process integration, we will conduct an Assessment and Planning Session to understand the pains of the enterprise and formulate a strategic solution for implementation.

Consulting – Process Integration

Experienced Agile testing coaches work with your teams to incorporate Agile testing practices throughout your development process.

Cloud Computing

Build next-gen scalable cloud-based solutions that are ready for digital transformation. We leverage top technologies for architecture design and build SaaS or public/hybrid cloud apps that give your business the extra edge.

Quality Assurance

With decades of software testing experience, we leverage our knowledge to deliver high-performing applications that your users trust.

DevOps & Infra Management

Today’s modern apps need highly scalable and low latency implementations to give users the experience they deserve. We will work with you every step of the way to help optimize your cloud costs and other infrastructure needed to power your business.

Analytics & Data Science

Accelerate your business by unlocking the power of data. Our services like Advanced Analytics, BI, Data Engineering & Visualization help businesses like yours transform data intelligence to the next level. This will give you an edge over your competition.

Enterprise Services

We take the driver’s seat to develop enterprise applications that enable you to take your business the extra mile. Our teams diligently work to create innovative solutions designed uniquely for you.

we embrace team spirit and collaboration

strategic partners

Expectations must be set very high with the right partners in order for an organization to achieve and maintain world-class status

Get up and running fast with Lean-Agile experts

about us

We embrace the agile processes fostering communication among team members

At IBB Technology Corporation, the network effect of strategic alliances is woven into the very fabric of our company culture and the way we deliver software solutions for our clients globally. We understand our clients keeping up with technological advancements can be overwhelming; they are going to need a reliable and trustworthy agile software development team on demand.

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